About O2Water

Helping people improve their physical and mental performance and their overall health and well-being by raising their bodies oxygen levels.



Meet Tibor Toth, O2Water Founder


I have been using O2Water Super-Oxygenated water for a few months now and drink a little over a litter a day. I’ve noticed I have more energy during the day and don’t fall asleep in the couch in the evenings watching TV. Recently I had a bad gastro-enteritis stomach bug. I recalled being told that oxygen kills most germs and is used to treat nausea. I decided to give it a go and drank a couple of big glass of O2 water. I was amazed when the nausea stopped and my stomach cramps quickly reduced to nothing. It was the turning point of my recovery from the stomach bug. I am continuing to use O2Water every day as I’m not as tired and I just feel a lot better all round. 



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