Health Benefits


  1. When the molecular oxygen gets in the stomach the increasing speed of the oxygen content of the cells - compared to breathing in – is approximately tenfold. (Physical fatigue is mainly caused by the insufficiency of the oxygen supply to the muscles and the oxygen debt of the hemoglobin. In the case of great physical exertion the blood oxygen saturation occurs through breathing which could be insufficient due to the limitations of the lung capacity and/or sometimes the reduced oxygen content of the air in the atmosphere. In these cases the oxygen level of blood is low compared to the recovery process of muscle cells.
  2. The oxygen level of the blood could increase quickly in a short period then it causes the oxygen debt of blood to cease: hypoxia.
  3. It stimulates the restoration of redox processes in the muscles.
  4. It takes a much shorter time to restore the saturation of blood oxygen from 90 % to 96.7 % instead of taking 2 hours of rest after intensive and strenuous physical exercise.
  5. It restores the resting heart rate in a much shorter time.
  6. In dormancy, it decreases plastic and contractile tensions of stretched muscles during a short time as compared to athletes who did not consume the water.
  7. It stimulates micro-circulation in capillaries.
  8. In the case of carbon monoxide poisoning it could be lifesaving.
  9. It is a complement treatment to radiotherapy in cancer patients. It can alleviate some of the physical side effects.
  10. It improves the regeneration of collagen.
  11. It improves physical performance.
  12. It improves anaerobic metabolism and blood flow.
  13. The liver increases the free oxygen content to 43 % as compared to 8% by way of inhalation.
  14. It enhances the activity of enzymes in the liver.
  15. It enhances the activity of liver detoxification.
  16. It uploads oxygen reserves.
  17. It speeds up the decrease in lactic acid levels decrease after physical exertion.
  18. It refreshes intellectual performance.
  19. It improves overall physical condition and it unburdens the movement of patients who have asthma and heart-lung coronary artery stenosis and who suffer from anemia and heart valve dysfunction.
  20. It also functions as a protective drink for people who have heavy physical demands, as well as gas.