Siphon - Oxygenated Water Maker


Siphon - Oxygenated Water Maker
Regularly consuming super-oxygenated water has the potential to benefit your health in several ways including:
  • boosts immune system
  • faster recovery from illness, injury and tissue damage
  • improved muscle recovery following exercise
  • increase liver function and detoxification, including break down of lactic acid, alcohol and other toxins
  • enhanced mental alertness
  • improved circulation
  • improved metabolism
  • more efficient mitochondria activity and energy production
  • overall general well being 

1L Siphon + 1 free box of 24 Oxygen canisters ( each canister makes 1 L )

2 year full service and parts warranty

Why would you buy bottled oxygenated water in the shops when it is possible to own a device to produce your own super-oxygenated water fresh each day, anytime you wish, any quantity and 20 to 40 times more concentrated than any other brand and at a more affordable price?

Many researchers and tests have proven the positive effect of the oxygenated water.

Many modern diseases are linked to low oxygen levels. Oxygen deficiency creates favorable conditions for chronic diseases. These diseases, like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer to name a few, have become endemic nowadays. However, experience has shown that many of these diseases are not only prevented by addressing the oxygen deficiency, but the health, vitality and functioning of the body can be recovered.

Many bottled oxygenated waters can lose oxygen during their shelf life while our oxygen siphon allows you to produce fresh oxygenized water whenever you need it keeping the remainder pressurized without any oxygen loss. This way, we can offer our consumers the most saturated oxygenized water possible.

Advantages of our patented Oxygen-Water Siphon;

-Reusable medical grade stainless steel bottle, no single use plastic throw away bottle with 2 year full service warrant

-20 to 50 times higher concentration oxygen than other oxygenated water

-You know the quality of the water you use with the medical grade oxygen 

-Costs only $2.00 per liter to make your own oxygenated water for a life time.